First Appointment Info

Prior To Scheduling Your First Appointment:

The Choice. Your healthcare provider may suggest a specific rehabilitation provider, or provide you with a list of providers in your area.  Some insurance companies may require that you see an “in network” provider. If this is the case and you would still like to come to Tri-State Rehabilitation and Sports Center, check with your insurance carrier to see if you have “out of network” benefits. The final decision is yours. We appreciate your confidence in us.

Most insurance companies will not pay for physical therapy without a written physical therapy prescription. Contact your medical provider, such as a doctor, chiropractor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner and ask for a written PT prescription. If your insurance company requires a doctor’s referral for therapy, please ask your referring doctor’s office to do so, prior to calling to schedule your initial evaluation. If you require any information needed for the insurance company to aid in obtaining this referral please contact either Tri-State Rehabilitation and Sports Center office.

Once you have your therapy prescription, and if necessary your approved doctor’s referral with the insurance company, please contact either Tri-State Rehabilitation and Sports Center office to schedule your initial evaluation. When calling, please have your insurance card in front of you. You will need:

  • Your ID and group numbers
  • Your date of birth and that of the subscribers, if not yourself
  • The customer service number on the insurance card

If your injury is an accepted workers compensation claim, when calling to schedule an appointment please have ready:

  • The workers compensation insurance company name
  • The adjuster name, phone number and if able, the fax number
  • The claim number and date of injury
  • The billing address

We will need to obtain prior authorization from the workers compensation carrier before being able to schedule your initial evaluation.

If you do not have insurance, or prefer to pay as a “private pay” please contact one of our offices to discuss our “private pay” policy.

Registration Forms:

You may download and print the intake paperwork to fill out and bring to your appointment, eliminating the need to arrive more than 5 minutes early. If you choose to wait until your first appointment, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Your First Appointment:

Please bring your insurance cards, prescription, and any other paperwork that you may have received. Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear to your appointment.  In general, first appointments last about one hour.

Your physical therapist will meet with you to discuss your need for physical therapy, perform a physical evaluation and if able, begin some form of treatment that day. You and your therapist, according to your prescription, will establish a treatment plan. If you have any questions during your visit or at any time pertaining to your treatment plan, please ask your therapist. You and your therapist are partners in your recovery.

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